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Under-construction buildings are offered professional treatment services by BR to keep them protected in the future from termite invasions. Examples of these services include:

  • The vertical surface is how the basement is treated after it has been built up to ground level by the masonry foundation and retaining walls.
  • Vertical surfacethe portion of a plinth above the ground level below the level of the slab.
  • At ground levelConstruction of external walls after the soil has been treated around the perimeter of the building.

Services to inspect for termites

Before and after the construction of a building or a villa, BR offers free inspection services to its owners or managers. To determine whether there is an infestation of insects or not, BR uses professional techniques and instruments of inspection. We can also determine the extent and location of infestations. Once the inspection is completed, a report will be issued.

Working group:

  • The inspection will be conducted by certified pest control specialists.

Anti Termite Treatment

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Pre Construction Treatment Service

Pre construction treatment service is a comprehensive and complete service that includes everything needed to protect your construction site after it has been built up. It is achieved by special materials, application procedures, and professional non-chemical methods to mitigate various risks along with developing a concept that protects your project from infestation.

Pre-Construction Treatment Service consists of the following:

  • The preparation of the surface of the building, which includes the preparation of the perimeter wall and soil around the building, which is later remediated at different levels by various means (beach sand treatment, gravel mixture treatment).
  • The protection of buildings using different types of waterproofing materials.
  • The termite control service provided by BR aims to protect under-construction buildings from termite invasion in the future. Our treatments include the following:
  • In basements, the vertical surface is treated after the retaining walls and masonry foundation rise to the ground.
  • Above ground slab level, the top surface of the plinth is treated.
  • At ground level: construction of external walls after soil has been treated around the perimeter of the building.