Best cockroach Gels in UAE

If you’re dealing with those pesky critters we all love to hate, you’re probably on the lookout for the best cockroach gels to kick them out of your space in the UAE especially in Abu Dhabi. No one wants uninvited guests scuttling around, right?

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait: The Heavy-Hitter

If you’re looking for the big gun in the cockroach battle, Advion is your go-to. This gel means business. It’s like the SWAT team for roaches. Apply it strategically, and watch the roaches do the disappearing act. It’s like magic, but for bugs.

Magnum Gel Bait: The Magnum Opus

Cockroaches don’t stand a chance against the Magnum. It’s like the superhero of the gel world, swooping in to save the day. Easy to use and deadly effective – it’s a one-two punch for those six-legged invaders.

Alpine Rotation 1 and 2

Alpine is BASF Product.This is very good product but unfortunately it is not registered by MOCCA in UAE for Pest control companies.Mostly it is available some online websitesApply it in the right spots, and let it do its thing. Before you know it, the roaches will be history. It’s the stealthy solution you’ve been looking for.

Maxforce prime Cockroach Gel: The Heavy Artillery

When you need heavy artillery in the war against roaches, Maxforce prime is your go-to. It’s like bringing out the big guns. Apply it strategically, and watch the roaches scatter. Maxforce prime means business, and so should you.

Bayer Maxforce Impact: The Impact Player

Bayer Maxforce is like the MVP of the cockroach game. It’s the impact player that gets the job done. No fuss, no muss – just effective roach control. Apply it where needed, and let Bayer Maxforce take care of the rest.


Remember, when dealing with cockroaches, consistency is key. Apply the gel in areas where roaches frequent, and keep an eye on the results. These gels are your allies in the battle against these unwanted guests. So gear up, apply strategically, and reclaim your space from the six-legged invaders.

In the Markeet also many Gels available. Always prefer Professional Pest Control Operators. It will save your time and money. In Abu Dhabi Bright and Rise Pest Control is Best Pest Control Comapny for cockroach Control.

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