Smarter Habits to Clean Your Home

Everyone of us want our homes to be clean and shining, but majority of times we don’t have enough time to get it all cleaned. There is just too much work including too many rooms, hall, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and drying room. We recommend to adopt some easy cleaning habits which will surely help you handle the load of work and keep the clutter and all mess in control.

First of all, if you have enough budget and you want someone else (a professional cleaning expert) to explore your home deeply. Hire them, and sit relax. They know their job and some of them offer monthly packages. Here are some tips if you want to go by your own, adopt these easy habits.

We recommend to do a little every day! You can’t clean your complete home in one day, the smarter way to tackle house cleaning is to build a smart routine. Take care of your bed as soon as you wake up, wipe down the surfaces and dusting. The first step is to get rid of Soap Scum with a knife. The biggest pain is to remove that soap scum by rubbing it with a sponge. It will save half of your time using a knife. Use a synthetic liquid to  prevent future scums which are developed using a soap.

You should purchase more baskets and storage boxes to gather the clutter and organize the stuff like toys, papers etc. One easy habit is to spend 15 minutes work at night and leave it till the morning. It will help you right in the morning when you have several y tasks to manage in short time.

If you use cloths to remove dust, then leave this habit and use feather duster. These are efficient enought to clean blinds and hard to reach areas of your home. It\’s a quick way to remove dust. If the dust is heavy, then you can use vaccume cleaner. We recommend to use mineral oil and wipe it on stainless steel surfaces across your home including countertops, sinks and other surfaces. Mineral oil is a great way to build resistance. Use newspaper to clean the window glass.

Invest in magical cleaning products like:

Swiffer Sweep + Vac (Cordless sweeping system)
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (Scrubbing Kitchen and Bathroom)
Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist (Cleaning odors)

Bright Rise is the smartest deep cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Our professional cleaning experts will make your home a shining and new home. We have got unique “Deep Clean” equipment and chemicals specially for deep cleaning, which is environment friendly, non toxic and completely safe. Our highly trained staff knows how to handle the toughest deep cleaning jobs, sanitizing the tightest nook and cranny.

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