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Termite is small white, tan, or black insects that can cause severe destruction to buildings. Termite pests in UAE include dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean species. These pests cause serious damage to wooden structures and posts and may also attack stored food, books, and household furniture. Termite infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings or insulation. Termite feeding and damage can even progress undetected in wood that is exposed because the outer surface is usually left intact. Arabic gulf areas are coastal and prevail high humidity which considers as the favorable condition for termite.

Termites Packages of Services

  1. Termites inspection services (Free)
  2. Pre-construction treatment service
  3. Post-construction treatment service

1 ) Termite inspection Service (FREE)

BR offers free inspection services for the owners or the managers of the buildings, villas before and after the construction of their buildings. BR uses professional techniques and instruments of inspection to determine whether there is infestation of insects or not. Degree & locations of infestations also can be identified. The report shall be provided after conducting the inspection.

Work team: b. Inspection equipments:
  1. Modern & professional equipment
  2. Equipments can detect the insect.

Pre Construction Treatment Service

BR offers professional treatment services for the under-construction buildings for the purpose to protect the building in the future from any invading of termites.
The scope of work may include the following treatments:

  1. Vertical surface: treatment after the masonry foundation and the retaining walls of the basement come up to ground level.
  2. Horizontal surface: treatment to a top surface of plinth below ground slab level.
  3. Around building at ground level: treatment of soil along a perimeter of the building after the external walls are completed.
1 ) Work Team : 2 ) Inspection equipments : 3 ) Health & Safety:
  1. Registered and approved pesticides shall be used
  2. Standard Safety procedures shall be followed during the operation.
  3. Environmental safety shall be considered.
4 ) Guarantee certificate:

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